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MCB has harnessed the full force of digitalisation to be able to deliver a world-class customer experience to its customers, through its Digital Factory. The Digital Factory is incubating new ways of working where we have adopted a start-up culture and where agility is central to our strategy.

We are looking for Full-stack, Android and iOS Developers

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Software Engineers are the backbone of our Digital Transformation Programme to design, code, test and provide the best solutions that deliver world class experience for our customers. At the Digital Factory, you will use the latest software development tools and techniques and work as part of a cross functional team to build solutions that you will be proud of.

what others say about us

"Digital factory has been an ever growing agile environment both professionally & culturally. The factory has helped me grow from an UX designer to a product designer and also taught me to work more efficiently in an agile environment. It is an amazing workplace to engage, collaborate & work with professionals having different skill sets. Also the 'fail fast & learn fast' culture is wonderful; to see your product go live and get the actual feedback of the users. One year at DF has been a wonderful working experience."

Siddhi Gawade Senior Lead UX Designer, Fractal Ink, India

"I've been coaching organizations to help them be more innovative and joyful places to work at and I must say I've been really impressed with what I saw at the Digital Factory. I witnessed high performing teams delivering innovative solutions at lighspeed. I sensed the level of energy which shows that impact meets fun and fulfillment. I saw managers empowering their people in order to fully unleash the power of self organization. Finally and maybe most importantly I saw smiling faces and I met happy people, the true indicators of a great culture. This is the future of work in the making. "

Sylvain Mahe Enterprise Agile Coach, PALO IT, Singapore

"Working at the Digital Factory as a consultant specializing in Data Management has been a phenomenal journey for me. The ethos at the factory allows for innovation and exploration of new ideas. How our colleagues at The Factory have embraced the “Agile” way of working is remarkable. Kudos to the leadership team for supporting this initiative."

Mgcobo Gwampi Co-Owner & Lead Data Architect, BI-Lab Solutions, South Africa

"The Digital Factory is one of the most inspiring places for innovation in Mauritius. Within only a few months, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Digital Factory team, fully-functional and multidisciplinary squads were set up, and are now operating on Agile methodologies and best practices for digital product development, in a fun, collaborative and conducive learning environment."

Alam Kasenally Chief Product Officer, Red Dot, Mauritius

I worked at Digital Factory for over a year as a Full Stack Developer, having joined them as a consultant when they first started. It was one of my favorite experiences. I loved the environment and culture. They are fully agile, and encourage innovation, while you learn and follow the best engineering practices. You are always encouraged to think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas. I would definitely recommend joining the Digital Factory team, and being a part of their world-class engineering culture.

Hemant Chhonkar Lead Technology, Nagarro Enterprises, India